One of my best friends got married this past weekend. The morning of the wedding her hairstylist called and said that an emergency came up and there was no way she was going to make it. Caroline started panicking and she asked me if I could do it. I had never done hair become and I was so worried about it but I had to say yes. So she explained to me what she wanted and shoed me the bump it. I had never seen one before, but knew what one was. It is so neat, it is like a raised plastic head band and it really does give you the ultimate poof in your hair. Because of the bump it, I was able to do her hair with no problem. I was so glad that it turned out. It is amazing how easy things are becoming now days



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11 responses to “Bumpits

  1. Glad it worked for you. If you or your readers are ever looking for the Original Hair Bumping Styling Tool try the Vidal Sassoon Hair Pouf. It was the first invention on the market to achieve the bump. It is soft and has a clip attached so it holds in great!

  2. Lindsay

    Im so amazed by the bump-it’s. I think they are such a great idea! I want to try one!

  3. Lindsay

    I’m so amazed by the BUMP-ITS! I think they are such a great idea!! I want to try one!

  4. marilynpr

    That is awesome! I’ve seen them on TV all the time and wondered how they would really work. I’m glad it was a success.

  5. marilynpr

    I don’t think my post worked, however I’m glad it was a success!

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  7. Great Story! Technology is incredible nowadays! I’ll have to ask my sister about this gadget! lol

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  9. Now that is hysterical, the fact that you actually had one of those bump it up’s (they sell them on tv on late nite E! infomercials) or the fact that they actually work. Wow nice.

  10. SOS

    I want a BUMP IT sooooo bad!!! I actually went to Rite Aid today to see if they had one in their “As Seen On TV” aisle…no luck. Guess I’ll have to pay $19.99 for TWO. =)

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