48 Hours of Twitter

 Oh Twitter! In my PR class we were told to embark in 48 hours of twitter. At first, I was not looking forward to this. At the beginning of the semester I learned about twitter and experienced it a little. In the past two days I have become addicted. I am currently working on a huge paper for my Semantics class and I am writing about the quote, “how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were.” I posted this on twitter last night (April 21, 2009) and I had so many tweet responses. I was so excited, and received so many great ideas and outlooks on the quote. This was the moment that I realized how helpful and fun tweeting really was. A few of the other students and I were talking about how we were addicted. I love keeping up with sports and I am following the Braves and the Falcons (two of my favorites). I also am following talk shows that I am interested in as well as my all time favorites, Paula Dean.  I found a website the other day and you could pretty much find anyone you wanted on twitter to follow. It is called wefollow.com. Through this website I found many PR firms and PR help.Hopefully, this will come in handy when I am looking for a job. Getting my name out in the PR would early couldn’t hurt. I am so excited to become more twitter savvy. I have downloaded tweetdeck and twhril. I have to admit Twitter has become a necessity. I have to admit that twitter is getting more of my attention than Facebook



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2 responses to “48 Hours of Twitter

  1. laurens918

    It is great to read that Twitter can actually be used to get other’s opinions on a subject! I like how quickly people respond because it helps get answers fast.

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