PROpenMic Podcast

Last week, I listened to a podcast on PROpenMic, called Managing the Grey: FaceBook Pages and Media Hacks. The podcast was mainly about how FaceBook is the “new everything,” He explains how you can not ignore the power of FaceBook. This is very true I could easily relate to this podcast because FaceBook is a huge part of my everyday life. It does keep me informed on what is going on in the world. The podcast also talked about how we are going to start seeing more advertising on FaceBook, companies have realized how popular FaceBook has become. He pointed out how now that FaceBook is open for everyone that each day he gets on and has a friend request from a family member or an old classmate. Another point that he made was,”Google knows everything,” and now all you have to do is type in your name or something about “you” and it will pop up on Google.  He said, people don’t realize how much things are changing and we need to be more aware. After listening to the podcast I will be more aware of things when they change. Instead of just pressing the OK button and ignoring the “terms and conditions” I will be sure to read them.


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