Advertising Slogans Crossword Puzzle

In my Public Relations class last week, at the beginning of class my teacher, Barbara Nixon, gave us a cross word puzzle to do. The puzzle was “Advertising Slogans.” It was so interesting because I never realized how I unconsciously knew so many of them because I here or see them on the television on the radio and even the internet everyday. For example one of the slogans were “I wish I were an___wiener,” the first thing that came to mind was the commercial I used to see as a child. Isn’t it finny how no matter how old we are getting these slogans are embedded into our brains? I guess the company is really getting their moneys worth when it comes to advertising.


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One response to “Advertising Slogans Crossword Puzzle

  1. kwigley

    I thought it was pretty funny how much advertising has become part of our culture.

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