Chapter 6: Program Planning

 Wilcox D.L. and Cameron, G. T. (2009). Public Relations Strategies and Tactics ninth edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

 What is the value of planning?

 *A good public relations program should be an effective strategy to support an organization’s business, marketing, and communication objectives.


*Public relations should be strategic.


Management by Objective: provides focus and direction for formulating strategy. The following steps are the basis for strategic planning.

  1. Client/employer objectives
  2. Audience-publics
  3. audience objectives
  4. media channels
  5. media channel objectives
  6. sources and questions
  7. communication strategies
  8. essence of the message
  9. nonverbal support


Strategic Planning Model



Category facts

Product/services issues

Completive facts

Customer facts



Business objectives

Role of public relations

Sources of new business



Target audiences

Current mind-set

Desired mind-set


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