Chapter 4 Public Relations Departments and Firms

 Wilcox D.L. and Cameron, G. T. (2009). Public Relations Strategies and Tactics ninth edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.


Public Relations Firms

 Typically they provide a variety of services such as:

*Marketing communications- This is the promotion of products and services through such tools as news releases, feature stories, special events, brochures, and media tours.

*Executive speech training- Top executives are coached on public affairs, including personal appearances.

*Research and evaluation- Scientific surveys are conducted to measure public attitudes, and perceptions.

*Crisis communication- Management is counseled on what to say and do in an emergency such as an out spill or a recall of an unsafe product

*Media analysis-Appropriate media are examined for targeting specific messages to key audiences.

*Community relations- Management is counseled on ways to achieve official and public support for such projects as building or expanding a factory

*Events management-news conferences, anniversary celebrations, rallies, symposiums, and national conferences are planned and conducted.

*Public affairs-Materials and testimony are prepared for government hearings and regulatory bodies, and background briefings are prepared.

*Branding and corporate reputation-Advice is given on programs and establish a company brand and its reputation for quality.

*Financial relations- Management is counseled on ways to avoid takeover by another firm and effectively communicate with stockholders, security analysts, and institutional investors.


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