Before I watched the video” tribes,” I had a very different perspective of what it was going to be about than what it really was about. I thought the video was going to be about “tribes” as in groups of people who share a similar culture in different countries. This was not what the video was about. However, it can be related to this definition of tribes. This vidoe is based on the book Tribes.This video is about “cliques” that people are in. These are social groups that people associate them selves in. there is usually leader and we identify ourselves through these  so called “group”. It was also about leadership nad groups and about leadership in groups. He referred to people and the concept “blogging”, in which the people you blog with are people within your tribe. He considers a tribe to be the social group that makes you unique and that everyone is in different cliques making us different. For example, I consider myself in the e “Phi Mu’ clique “Public Relations” Clique and “Twitter” clique. These are just some of my “tribal” identities.


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