“Wag the Dog”

In my public Relations class we watched the movie Wag The Dog. I had never seen or heard of this movie .Once I watched it I realized how interesting it was. The movie is based on a movie producer and a PR practitioner who creates scandalous allegation against the President during the re-election by creating a “fake war” with Albania.

The value orientation of the movie is situational to me. Throughout the entire movie the focus was on the President’s image. It is so important for the President to stay on his level of authority and keep the respect that he has always portrayed.  It was clear how important it is to keep the President’s image clean so nothing can harm him. than the public because they can make them believe things. This allegation relates with the title “Wag the dog.”   

The PR Practitioner is unethical. He was not honest with the public because he created a false war. He came up with this false illusion and sold it to the public and made them believe everything was true. This shows how someone can have control over what the public believes due to how much credibility they have.

In the beginning of the movie it said” a dog wags its tail.”A tail does not wag the dog because it is not smarter than the dog. To me the dog represents the public because we are the ones that control everything (like the tail) and the tail represents the PR Practitioner’s. The movie makes it seem like the PR Practitioner’s are smarter


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